About Me

My name is Clifford Ngong, and I am a web developer and an occasional Amazon seller. I started selling products on Amazon late 2010, during my sophomore year in high school. This is was a part-time thing I developed during my hunt for ways to make money online. It got me through high school and college.

As the years went by, I notice it became increasing difficult to sell trending/hot products on Amazon due to an increase in sellers. This led to other sellers lowering down their prices to gain an edge in the market while taking in less profit (if the item sold).

So I came up with the idea of selling Amazon products that have less competitive pricing. Products that were Unavailable or out of stock. So that way, I am the sole seller of that particular product on Amazon. Also, not only does the product have to be unavailable, but it needs to be a trending products with high search rankings and good reviews. So I coded this tool, found several out of stock products and listed them on Amazon just to test out my theory. I have to say the results were astonishing, not only did my sales volume go up, my profit margins nearly tripled! I know I shouldn't be handing out such a treasure tool for free but I have been blessed with so much in my life and this is my time to give back. If you still feel the edge to help, you can donate to help future enhancements of this tool HERE

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