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How to make money selling Sold Out Products on Amazon

The main concept is to buy an item from an online shopping site such as eBay and sell it on Amazon for a higher profit margin. Before we get started, please make sure you have an Amazon seller’s account in good standing. You will also need an ebay account or any other online shopping website you prefer, however, I recommend using ebay.

  • You can create a free Amazon Seller’s account by visiting this Link
  • You can create a free eBay account by visiting this link Link


Next, use our search box tool to find several products you would like to sell on Amazon that are currently out of stock or low quantity. Our tool is intelligent enough to show you only out of stock or currently unavailable products on Amazon that have high reviews and search rankings.


Once you find an item you’re comfortable selling, go to ebay or your prefered online shopping site and search for the same item. Once you find the item, bookmark that page or link because you will need it later!


Login to your Amazon seller’s account and list the item. Since the item was sold out, you will be the only seller on Amazon selling this item. Which gives you room to price the item at a reasonable price so you can pocket the difference (PROFIT).
For example: if the item was selling on ebay for $20, you can list the item on Amazon for $30. This gives you a profit of $10 (including Amazon fees)


When the item sells on Amazon, purchase the item from ebay or your prefer online shopping website you originally found the item (your bookmark link) and ship it to the person who bought the item from you on Amazon.

Find another item using our SoldOutProducts tool and repeat this process on and on... If you have any questions, please use the contact form Here.

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